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Warranty Terms and Conditions
1. Cover.
This warranty covers the remapping carried out by Eco Power. ECU software that is lost, damaged, or faulty will be replaced free of charge under the terms and conditions outlined below, within the warranty period. This warranty also covers the following:
a) Damage to the ecu as a direct result of any workmanship involved in the ecu remap.
b) Damage to any individual ecu electronic components as a direct result of any workmanship involved in the ecu remap.
2. Warranty Period and Proof of Installation.
The warranty of the ecu upgrade where any electronic components have been changed is valid for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty period for the modified software installed in the ecu is valid for the duration of the ownership of the vehicle by the person that originally purchased the remap to the ecu. The warranty is only valid in conjunction with a valid certificate of installation and proof of purchase which matches the vehicle details and respective customer details. Any warranty claims must be made with the presentation of the certificate of installation.
3. Void.
This warranty will be deemed void if the ecu has been tampered with. Tampering includes removal of the ecu from the car, removal of ecu in order to expose any components, or retrieval or modification of the installed modified ecu software. Any damage to the ecu caused by outside exposure to fluid products within or outside the vehicle. Any excessive or cross polarity voltages being supplied to the ecu or to the vehicles battery.
4. Transfer.
The warranty is not transferable to any other ecu. It is not transferable to any other car or any other ecu. It is not transferable to any other individual, and is only valid for the warranty period while the car and the ecu are in the ownership of the person recorded on the certificate of installation.
Satisfaction Guarantee Terms and Conditions
If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the remap to the ecu, you are entitled to a full refund for the price of the ecu remap within 7 days of the time of purchase, under the following terms and conditions during this 7 day period:
1. The terms of the warranty Void section 3 above must not have been breached.
2. The ecu upgrade must be returned back to standard by Eco Power.
3. The modified software originally installed at the time of purchase is still stored on the ecu.
4. The vehicle on which the ecu remap was originally installed must still be road worthy.
5. The ecu remap has not been transferred to another vehicle where applicable.
6. The vehicle was not used for competition purposes.
7. The ecu remap was purchased and installed on the owner’s vehicle and installed by Eco Power.
We reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for any part and labour required to return the ecu back to standard should this exceed 30 mins as a result of a breach of these terms.

Over 7 days but within 30 days: We will carry out a road test then either rework, and/or perform an electronic diagnostic test.

On completion of this we re-work the map carrying out any adaption’s until you are completely satisfied to re-evaluate for a further 7 days, if after 3 attempts you are still unhappy we will be happy to simply put the vehicle back to its stock settings and give a full refund without question.

So far all of our customers have been extremely happy and have recommended us to their friends.

Eco Power will not be held responsible for any accidents, damages, faults, or legal claims as a result of the enhanced performance of the vehicle. The user is also warned that the vehicle performance will be increased after installation of the remap ecu software, and due care should be taken by the user in order to adjust to the new levels of performance.

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